//World Water Council …in the hands of Civil Society?

World Water Council …in the hands of Civil Society?

The World Water Council (WWC) is probably known to you, but we want to share some important details:

Αγαπητοί, η παρακάτω πληροφορία μας ήρθε μέσα από το δίκτυο των συνεργατών μας στον τομέα των αναγεννητικών πρακτικών. Αφορά το θέμα του ΝΕΡΟΥ και της παγκόσμιας προσπάθειας αρπαγής του από ιδιωτικές εταιρίες. 
Οσοι συμμετέχετε σε δράσεις που αφορουν την σωτηρια του νερου ως κοινο αγαθο, κινητοποιηστε στις ομάδες σας και μοιραστειτε την ειδηση. Χρειαζεται αμεση δραση! 

Dear RI Partners, 

We’re sharing an important message from Rajendra Singh, world-renowned advocate for global water protection who has worked tirelessly with communities in India to restore seven dry rivers to flow again, providing a huge area of land with water again. 

Greetings from India,

I’m reaching out to you as you’re working in the water and environmental sector. I’ll propose something that you might think of as impossible or even absurd, but if achieved, would have a great potential to radically change water policy on a global level: Taking the World Water Council away from the power of multinational corporations and putting it into service of civil society groups working for universal access to water as a basic human right. And we only have a few days left to make it happen.

The World Water Council (WWC) is probably known to you, but we want to share some important details:

– The WWC platform presents itself as a think tank for water issues and is active in hydro-diplomacy to influence global water policies and programs. The WWC represents itself as the voice of global water solutions in the World Bank, UN organizations, and other international platforms.

– The council possesses the intellectual property rights of the World Water Forum, held in different countries every three years.

– Unfortunately, the Council has come under the control of multinational water corporations such as Nestle, Veolia Water and Suez Water.

For many years, NGOs have voiced their concerns about the WWC as a private association which has a hidden agenda of furthering private business interests in water, above all pushing for water privatization around the world.

There have been many efforts by NGOs to raise their voices against this deception through the media and by hosting the Alternative Water Forum, but this has not prevented the water multinationals from continuing their activities through the World Water Forum.* The Council has been closely held and managed for 25 years by a membership of 300 members with 80% being from countries with strong business interests in water.

The good news is, due to a change in the constitution of the WWC, we now have the unique opportunity to prevent the forces of privatization from using the strongest water platform in the world to exploit water-deprived people from developing nations and realign this council and its future forums with the right values and the cause of “Water for all life on Earth”.

In order to prevent global water issues from being misrepresented on the WWC, I mobilized 108 Indian NGOs to apply for membership in the council and ensure internal change to the council, bringing the voice of those who believe water is a shared resource, rather than a commodity that can be monopolized by a group of multinational giants.

This influx of NGOs from India was considered to be the first serious threat to corporate control of the WWC, and sent the Council President and governors into a panic, as elections for the next president and board are due in November of this year.

We can only win this battle if we increase the number of voting members in the Council. I urge all like-minded organizations from other countries to apply for membership!

If we can reach 200 members from countries around the world, we can make a massive change in the WWC. It is not an impossible target, but requires a rapid joint effort. The deadline for new membership application is this Friday, 10th of August.

Joining the WWC is quickly done. Simply fill in the membership form found here, and send it as a pdf to: v.lydon@worldwatercouncil.org with the hard copy to their address at:

World Water Council, Espace Gaymard, 2-4

Place d’Arvieux, 13002 Marseille, France.

If your organization has limited financial means and is from a country with a GDP per capita of under 7,500 USD, you may apply for the Membership Solidarity Fund by filling out the related application form here

If you apply, please inform us.

Please join us in this battle of privatization of water, against which I have struggled my whole life!

Sincerely, Your friend,

Rajendra Singh

2015 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate

Download the application form here:


More information about the concept of the World Water Council:


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